SmartSDK @ FIWARE Tech Summit 2017

SmartSDK @ FIWARE Tech Summit 2017

The FIWARE Tech Summit 2017 edition is coming to Malaga on November 28th-29th, 2017! SmartSDK will have a primary role at the event and present 4 talks at the FIWARE Tech Summit. Dr. Federico Facca, Head of Martel Lab and coordinator of SmartSDK project, in collaboration with Fernando Lopez from the FIWARE Foundation, is chairing the session on tools and solutions for creating FIWARE cloud-based platforms. While Antonio Jara, Hop Ubiquitous is charing the IoT session.

SmartSDK’s Talks at the Summit

  • Docker Swarm’s secrets for creating great FIWARE platforms. Federico will be on stage presenting SmartSDK’s work on Docker for FIWARE ready-platforms. Most of FIWARE’s services are available as Dockerized images. Starting from that, how can you create an infrastructure of FIWARE services? What are the things you need to take care of to make the infrastructure reliable and scalable? During this session, participants will learn about general concepts related to cloud architectures and how to apply them to FIWARE enablers using Docker Swarm.
  • QuantumLeap: a FIWARE Time Series DB. Tomas Aliaga, Senior Developer at Martel, will present QuantumLeap, a Martel-led development partially funded by the SmartSDK project. QuantumLeap is an API that supports the storage of NGSI FIWARE NGSIv2 data into a time series database.
  • Smart Points of Interaction: A New way to discover a city. Antonio Jara, will be presenting the latest development of Hop Ubiquitous Smart POI solution, partially funded by the SmartSDK project. Smart POIs allow immersive interaction experience with the real world through digital content.
  • Creating Smart Cities with SmartSDK. Miguel González Mendoza (Tec. de Monterey) will present the Smart City demonstrators, including Green Route, developed in the context of SmartSDK. The talk will focus on how FIWARE enablers and data models have been adopted to create Smart Services for Mexico.

What else?

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