SmartSDK: the road ahead

SmartSDK: the road ahead

SmartSDK activities started in September at full pace! The past two months were very active, the SmartSDK team have been working on the definition of the user stories for the trial scenarios and the platform components. In November will start the first sprint, with the objective to have something ready to be demoed for the first release at the end of January.

The applications delivered by SmartSDK and trialled in Mexico and Europe will cover relevant challenges for the modern society. How can I move around in a big and polluted city without putting at risk my health and contributing to improving their air quality? How can I monitor health of patients or relatives relying on non intrusive mobile technologies? How can I detect security breaches in public parkings and buildings?

Follow us to know more on the next steps!

Contributing to FIWARE

SmartSDK is planning to actively contribute to FIWARE. In our roadmap we have some nice features that we hope the community will appreciate!

  • A tool to manage Docker-based service composition integrated with FIWARE Lab
  • A number of recipes to deploy FIWARE Data Management and IoT Management services in High Availability for production ready systems
  • New data models enlarging the pletora of NGSI-based data models for Smart Services.
  • New features for Cloudino that supports energy saving, 3G Communication and support network disconnected scenarios.
  • Novel services supporting native timeseries databases integration with NGSI
  • And more…